Tailspin Trading 59 (Pty) Ltd is a 100% woman black owned company of Reg. 2007/017123/07 from a previously disadvantaged background and seeks to make a positive impact in the developing South Africa and beyond. The director is an entrepreneur with a great record of service delivery in her youth, job creation, strict management skills, and dedicated in youth empowerment.
Over time this company has grown in several divisions and with professional in the relevant sectors to contribute competitively, effectively and on time. We share a proud history since 2007 of our existence, yet look at the future seeking to sore to higher heights while contributing positively to our country, communities and giving others a chance to rise the ladder with us.
We are committed to service, time keeping, effective management and perfecting skills at all opportunities. Together with our partners we have extend ourselves strategically to ensure that we meet our obligations as expected.


• Government Departments
• Municipalities
• Parastatals
• Private Sector
• Individuals

Limited to Functions & Population
• Academic Institutions
• Other
Partnerships Available & Sub-Contracting Opportunities


Tailspin Trading 59 (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to service, transformation and development. We do our best to ensure that our business opportunities also become a springboard to new heights for change for our employees, clients, and involved communities.
We believe that change begins from an individual and this has become our initiative to change lives, environments and exploit opportunities available to facilitate and play a role in our lovely country and beyond.
We believe business is service, service is for people, people are a community, a community is a nation, and a nation the world. We seek to partner, serve, and change the world at every point of opportunity.From our director we have learnt that our history does not necessarily dictate our future. With focus, determination and working together; it is true we can do much more.